A day with the HF Elliptical Coil

Today I decided to take out the HF Elliptical Coil. I was joined by Gary Blackwell and we went to one of my well worked sites now this field has been hit hard over the years. Not only that but it’s very contaminated not only with iron but also with coke. This was going to be a real test.

I was using a 2 tone program on 78 kHz I set the Discrimination to 5.6 I like to hear the spit of iron (Tells we where the habitation is). Remember normally where there is iron there is also the good stuff.

After only a short while I had  what we call a Iffy signal the target was not deep but there was something in there that says it needed to be dug. Well how surprised was I when it turned out to be a early La Tene Brooch.

Gary was quickly over and we both agreed that this was what the  Elliptical Coil Excels at getting in amongst the contamination and winkling out the finds from a worked out site.


Now as I worked my way into the field i started to get many high toned signals as I was using the XY screen I immediately recognised them as coke,because coke appears as a vertical line on the screen. I have been using the Deus since the beginning and I have kind of  learned the tone that coke tends to give but trust me it can still catch me out but the XY screen convinces and reassures  me that its coke. Now hidden in amongst this coke was a clear Ping ! with a reading of 65 on the meter and out pops a worn hammered coin but hey who is complaining a hammered is a hammered especially from a field that you thought had been relieved of its goodies, the Heat was beginning to get to us, it was a extremely hot day and we had been at it for 5 hours. So we decided to call it a day once back at the car for a well earned cuppa we counted our finds and between us we had 18 Roman coins  the hammered plus the  La Tene Brooch along with  loads of lead and other bits, not a bad return considering the dry soil and the fact that this field has been detected regularly for many years. My best finds are shown in the below pic.


You Know what I love this Elliptical Coil, It restores my confidence in going to sites that you have previously given up on its almost like gaining a new permission as the fields come alive again. This field we were on has been detected to Death it really has and we were both getting plenty of signals some were lead but its signals that we have missed before. This coil may be small but it has a big heart and it takes pride of place in my armoury. 


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