The X35 Coils

Ok the New X35 Coils basically they are an upgrade to the standard black coils

They are not Replacing the HF White Coils and do not have superior software or Technology over the HF Coils

They now have a higher Range of Frequencies 35 in all

This is achieved by having 5 Main Frequencies 3.7-4.4kHz,  7.1-8.4kHz, 10.5-12.4kHz,  15.2KHz17.8kHz,  23.5kHz-27.7kHz

Each of these have 7 offsets so 35 in total

The X35’s are available in three sizes:
9” (22cm) weighing 370g, 11” (28cm) at 470g and the 13”x11” (34x28cm) at 590g.

Each coil is supplied with the
lower stem. 

They also come with a BOOST feature that can only be used on the frequencies from 3.7kHz to 4.4kHz. This can increase your detection depth for larger targets (hoards)and also larger coins and artefacts which are highly conductive.
To access the boost mode once you have selected either 3-4 Khz simply select Sensitivity and press expert. It will now give you 2 options

Normal or Boost.

The X35 Coils gives you that little bit extra the higher range of frequencies can give the edge and give you a wider search pattern deeper with a lower frequency and the boost option and a more tighter search winkling out the smaller targets with the higher frequencies.

Remember if you have a contaminated site or mineralised soil then the White HF Coils would be the  Coils to use.

XP have certainly come up trumps with the X35 Coils in my opinion they are well worth the Money.


On Saturday the 23rd June the now famous XP Skill School rolled into Oxfordshire.
Again The Event was Co Organised and Supported by Leisure Promotions  

The Event was being held at the  Middle Aston Manor Near Bicester

Upon arrival everyone was treated to Tea/Coffee and the Skill School started promptly at 10am.
Gary Blackwell as usual gave a easy to follow and uncomplicated account on the Deus.  There was a couple of naughty boys at the back of the class who Gary soon ticked off !

Around 11am we all took a short break for a well deserved cuppa and biscuits.
After the break Gary continued to pass on his knowledge of the Deus and everyone was concentrating and holding on to his every word.

The Skill School may sound a little daunting to newbies, but it is cleverly put together and caters for everyone.
Several videos with the chance to discuss the subjects in between. All delivered in the usual Gary style – Calm and patient.

Lunch was upon us and we all tucked into a fantastic buffet and some amazing cakes for pudding supplied by the Hotel.

After Lunch the Skill School continued and for one lucky attendee a quick competition resulted in him winning a brand new MI4 Pinpointer.

The Afternoon came to an end and everyone received their certificate for attending and completing the course along with a free XP Baseball Cap.


For those staying over at the Hotel we were all treated to a lovely meal in a truly Gorgeous setting

We were all up bright and early and everyone who attended yesterdays Skill School were eager to test out their New Found XP Deus knowledge and what better way to do it we were all going to the Metal Detectives / LP Detecting Dig just a few miles down the road. Unfortunately the Hot Weather had baked the ground dry but it wasn’t going to stop people from getting out.


After a few more last minute tips everyone hit the fields


It was an exceptionally Hot Day and the going was tough in the fields but the finds began to roll in and for one lucky Skill School Attendee Alan it was to be a day he would not forget for he found his very first Hammered Coin a Short Cross Penny


 A Huge thanks goes out to Mark from the Metal Detectives and of Course to Pete Turrell from Leisure Promotions 

for a Great Weekend and to Gary Blackwell for another great skill school.

One last thank you goes again to Pete for bringing a TV so we could watch England put 6 past Panama in the World Cup

so a great end to a great weekend


Its Not All About the Finds

Well I went out today metal detecting with my trusty Deus – I had one of those days where absolutely nothing fell under my coil. – I had one of those days where absolutely nothing fell under my coil but as the day
went on it kinda got me thinking . Sometimes our Hobby is not all about the finds I know to some it is, for some 
showing off countless handfuls of coins and artefacts is the be all and end all. Today I was out with one of my very good friends Steve Murtie


We have been detecting together for a very long time and we have found some fantastic finds together but we have also had many of those days where you find nothing. Today was one of those days.

But you know what it was a beautiful day we were in a fantastic location and in great company does it really get any better. 

The Detecting gods were not looking favourably on us today, even the Mighty Deus could not winkle me out a find 

My treasure today was the company of a good friend and to me that is totally priceless

A day with the HF Elliptical Coil

Today I decided to take out the HF Elliptical Coil. I was joined by Gary Blackwell and we went to one of my well worked sites now this field has been hit hard over the years. Not only that but it’s very contaminated not only with iron but also with coke. This was going to be a real test.

I was using a 2 tone program on 78 kHz I set the Discrimination to 5.6 I like to hear the spit of iron (Tells we where the habitation is). Remember normally where there is iron there is also the good stuff.

After only a short while I had  what we call a Iffy signal the target was not deep but there was something in there that says it needed to be dug. Well how surprised was I when it turned out to be a early La Tene Brooch.

Gary was quickly over and we both agreed that this was what the  Elliptical Coil Excels at getting in amongst the contamination and winkling out the finds from a worked out site.


Now as I worked my way into the field i started to get many high toned signals as I was using the XY screen I immediately recognised them as coke,because coke appears as a vertical line on the screen. I have been using the Deus since the beginning and I have kind of  learned the tone that coke tends to give but trust me it can still catch me out but the XY screen convinces and reassures  me that its coke. Now hidden in amongst this coke was a clear Ping ! with a reading of 65 on the meter and out pops a worn hammered coin but hey who is complaining a hammered is a hammered especially from a field that you thought had been relieved of its goodies, the Heat was beginning to get to us, it was a extremely hot day and we had been at it for 5 hours. So we decided to call it a day once back at the car for a well earned cuppa we counted our finds and between us we had 18 Roman coins  the hammered plus the  La Tene Brooch along with  loads of lead and other bits, not a bad return considering the dry soil and the fact that this field has been detected regularly for many years. My best finds are shown in the below pic.


You Know what I love this Elliptical Coil, It restores my confidence in going to sites that you have previously given up on its almost like gaining a new permission as the fields come alive again. This field we were on has been detected to Death it really has and we were both getting plenty of signals some were lead but its signals that we have missed before. This coil may be small but it has a big heart and it takes pride of place in my armoury. 


Who said the Deus is not deep

I finally managed to get out today for a couple of hours on pasture site and thought I would have a go with the deep program using the HF 9″ coil, the Deep program can be found on the Deus factory programs number 6 if you are using version 4.1.
I lowered the frequency down to 14khz and set the Audio response to 5 and left the rest of the settings as they were.

So far the Deep program has been a little too powerful for my usual iron infested sites, but this pasture field had very little contamination and the XP Deus worked like a dream.

As you can see by the photo above there is absolutely nothing wrong with depth of the Deus. This Victorian Sixpence was around 11″ deep.

i had several deep targets in a very short time this Spectacle buckle really impressed me as the signal was still very strong considering the depth was around 12″.

So any of you out there have any doubts about the Deus not being deep then you have nothing to worry about.
When I am out on Pasture then my confidence levels are well up there.