Who said the Deus is not deep

I finally managed to get out today for a couple of hours on pasture site and thought I would have a go with the deep program using the HF 9″ coil, the Deep program can be found on the Deus factory programs number 6 if you are using version 4.1.
I lowered the frequency down to 14khz and set the Audio response to 5 and left the rest of the settings as they were.

So far the Deep program has been a little too powerful for my usual iron infested sites, but this pasture field had very little contamination and the XP Deus worked like a dream.

As you can see by the photo above there is absolutely nothing wrong with depth of the Deus. This Victorian Sixpence was around 11″ deep.

i had several deep targets in a very short time this Spectacle buckle really impressed me as the signal was still very strong considering the depth was around 12″.

So any of you out there have any doubts about the Deus not being deep then you have nothing to worry about.
When I am out on Pasture then my confidence levels are well up there.

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