The X35 Coils

Ok the New X35 Coils basically they are an upgrade to the standard black coils

They are not Replacing the HF White Coils and do not have superior software or Technology over the HF Coils

They now have a higher Range of Frequencies 35 in all

This is achieved by having 5 Main Frequencies 3.7-4.4kHz,  7.1-8.4kHz, 10.5-12.4kHz,  15.2KHz17.8kHz,  23.5kHz-27.7kHz

Each of these have 7 offsets so 35 in total

The X35’s are available in three sizes:
9” (22cm) weighing 370g, 11” (28cm) at 470g and the 13”x11” (34x28cm) at 590g.

Each coil is supplied with the
lower stem. 

They also come with a BOOST feature that can only be used on the frequencies from 3.7kHz to 4.4kHz. This can increase your detection depth for larger targets (hoards)and also larger coins and artefacts which are highly conductive.
To access the boost mode once you have selected either 3-4 Khz simply select Sensitivity and press expert. It will now give you 2 options

Normal or Boost.

The X35 Coils gives you that little bit extra the higher range of frequencies can give the edge and give you a wider search pattern deeper with a lower frequency and the boost option and a more tighter search winkling out the smaller targets with the higher frequencies.

Remember if you have a contaminated site or mineralised soil then the White HF Coils would be the  Coils to use.

XP have certainly come up trumps with the X35 Coils in my opinion they are well worth the Money.

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